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Fishing rules harbour

Fishing rules harbour and harbour channel of Elburg

Besides the statutory rules, and all the Sportvisserij- Nederland’s and Midwest Nederland’s rules, the next additional rules are applied when fishing in the harbour and harbour channel of Elburg.

Only when in possession of a vispas/fishing license by HSV De Poepenkolk, you are allowed to set foot on the piers next to the road N309.

It is not allowed to fish from the piers with only a day- or week license.

It is not allowed to fish from the new piers next to the new harbour office from June up to and including September.

It is not allowed to fish from the piers at the new harbour office.

Fishing 2 hours past sunset till 1 hour before sunrise is only allowed with a night fishing license from HSV De Poepenkolk.

It is not allowed to kill and take fish with you, except when taking 10 baitfish.

It is not allowed to deliberately foul hook fish, when you get caught during this act your fishing license will be taken from you.

When fishing for pike, perch or zander you are required to have a landing net, an unhooking mat and unhooking pliers with you.

Competitions have to be requested at the secretary ( Only after the payment has been received, you will get permission to start the competition

Every fishermen has to leave the competition ground before the competition starts. During the competition it is not prohibited for participants of the competition to fish in the competition ground.

It is not allowed to get on the boats.

All instructions given by the owner of the harbour must be followed immediately.

It is not allowed to disrupt the residents around the harbour. Only park your car at spots where it is allowed to park, try to keep your noise down and when in need of a bathroom, do not urinate elsewhere than in a bathroom.

It is not allowed to leave any trash behind on your fishing spot. When you leave your spot, it has to be clean.

When found guilty of any of these rules, a supervisor of HSV De Poepenkolk or a management member of HSV De Poepenkolk can take your day, week of regular fishing license from you. Also a local policeman will be informed.

Management HSV De Poepenkolk